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Theresia Addokwei

Theresia Addokwei is co-founder of Hayford Addokwei Ministries International (HAMINS® Int.) and Liberty Central Gospel Church (LCGC®).

As a native of Bavaria and an Agricultural Senior Consultant for the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture, Theresia possesses decades of experience in the agricultural sector. Born and bred among five siblings on a single farm in Eberhof, Bernhardswald, in the Regensburg County, Theresia was graced with a balanced childhood and grew up in a healthy family environment. Cultivation and maintenance of well-balanced relationships with parents, siblings, animals, and nature was her highest priority. She did not only demonstrate the love and care of God for humanity, in her cherish for life and nature she also extended the same love and care to the environment and creatures. This was clearly seen when one day a calf became deadly ill after birth and the local Vet had left them with no hope for its survival. Being moved with compassion, Theresia separated the young calf from the herd, nursed it patiently, so long until it recuperated. 

Theresia has travelled extensively through three of the five continents of the world. This has made her gain deep insight into many richt cultures, paving way for her to reach out with the love of God for humanity and creation as her commitment to serving others also reflects.

Theresia is a wife and mother of their two children, her multiple tasks and tireless input keep both the family and the ministry afloat. She finds satisfaction in supporting her husband in ministry as she sees families, lives and relationships restored.