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Macedonian Calls
 Subject  Author  Reviews    Date  
Macedonian Mission Call V - Gh. Missions 2011 Rev. Hayford Addokwei  pdf  2050-07-07  
Macedonian Mission Call VI - Gh. Mission 2012 Rev. Hayford Addokwei  pdf  2050-07-07  
Divine Judgment on Valentine´s Day Celebration-Feb. 13-14 09 Rev. Hayford Addokwei  pdf  2009-03-30  
Feedback from Chaplain, Prempeh College  Rev. E. M. Laryea  pdf  2009-03-30  
Feedback from Church of God, Arnold Temple  Rev. W. A. Harrison  pdf  2009-03-30  
Feedback from Church of God, Nwamansi  Pastor Clement  pdf  2009-03-30  
Feedback from Church of God, Trede Pastor Marconi  pdf  2009-03-30  
Feedback from Kumasi Senior High Technical School  Mr. E.A. Mensah, Hd. Master  pdf  2009-03-30  
Macedonian Mission Call-IV - 2009-Mission Report Rev. Hayford Addokwei  pdf  2009-03-30  
Trede Open Air Responses Rev. Hayford Addokwei  pdf  2009-03-30