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Pastor Hayford Addokwei is the founder of Hayford Addokwei Ministries International (HAMINS® Int.) and the head pastor of the Liberty Central Gospel Church (LCGC®). Saturated with a vision embedded within the passion for Christ and His Kingdom, pastor Addokwei is committed to serving the Body of Christ by bringing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to His people where and whenever he´s led to.

As a Ghanaian-born German citizen, having spent his early years together with his family in the capital, Accra, and having completed his basic education there, Hayford pursued a 5-year Automobile Engineering Training program at Ho Polytechnic Institute, Ghana, from 1980 - 1985.

Carrying the Call of God upon his life, he enrolled in the UPC Theological Seminary in Accra. While undergoing a multi-phase preparation for his Call, together with some friends, pastor Addokwei launched a prison and hospital ministration in the capital. In the early 1980s the Lord unveiled to him a further plan He has for him overseas. Pastor Hayford had little idea of the dimension of what was to transpire in order to bring about the fulfillment of this Divine vision.

In the process of unfolding His plan, the Lord brought pastor Addokwei to Germany in 1989, where he served in various local churches and fellowships. In addition, he witnessed live the tumbling down of the Berlin wall and shared in the subsequent historic moments of that great nation as they unfold in his sight. A very exciting period indeed and highly prophetic! He literally saw the crumbling down of the old system and its entire ramifications, and the erection, or rather the ushering in of the new.

In the first week of January 1997, while in the Anaheim Conference Hall, California, the Lord spoke a very clear word to him. He said: “Son, when you return back to Germany, start the work for which I sent you there…” When he arrived back in Germany, Pastor Addokwei began looking for a meeting place to start the church, having only his wife Theresa and his then 3-year-old daughter as members. On Monday, February 17, 1997, Hayford finally found and rented a place on hourly basis. Four days after he signed the contract, on Friday, February 21, 1997, the Liberty Central Gospel Church (LCGC®) was born with the first attendance of only 8 people. Since then, pastor Addokwei has focused on developing a solid foundation for a healthy and dynamic church with a great vision to be fulfilled.

Pastor Addokwei is married to Theresa, a native of Bavaria - Germany and they both have two sweet children. With Theresa, an active minister and a translator for the church on his side they are reaching the people of Germany, discipling the saints and imparting many lives.

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DER HANDEL MIT DER SEELE: Entdecke den wahren Wert Deiner unkaeuflichen Seele

From the office of the Pastor
A call to tune up to prayer for favour for the people of God. A prophetic message and a wake up call to the church in Germany.

From the office of the Pastor-Part II-THE VISION
22nd july, 2012, A prophetic message and a wake up call to the church in Germany.

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